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Our First Magazine Interview Experience

Mommy Robot Interview with Voyage Atl Magazine

Mommy Robot in Voyage Atl Magazine

Last month I was contacted by a very visual and trendy magazine.  They focus on interviewing up-and-coming businesses around Atlanta.  To say I was humbled and flattered was an understatement.  I mean, I am a newbie in practically every sense of the word, why would they want to talk to little ol’ me?? Whatever the reason, I’m grateful!….

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Use Organization To Keep Family Quality Time Important

*This Post has been Sponsored by Organized Results. While the Author was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are truly those of the Author.*

Staying organized in life frees up little moments of quality time you can be spending with your family. Just refocusing some of your efforts can help your household run better and lead to a more pleasant environment. Also, if organizing gets to overwhelming, you can always find help! Keep reading to find out how you can start helping your family become a better unit.

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Streamline Your Makeup Routine

How to Streamline Your Makeup Routine

Read on to discover the tips I learned, as a former professional makeup artist, to help you streamline your makeup routine and look amazing everyday…especially in a time crunch!

The Old Makeup Routine (Before Children)

When I was a makeup artist, it would take 30+ products to complete a look every day. Sure it could have been done with less, but when you’re selling makeup it helps to look very made up. The list would go something like this…

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Get Back on Track

How to get back on track once you have been derailed..

As any new commitment goes, once the concept is there, visions of grandeur and success follow closely behind. I got the idea to start a blog as an outlet for my thoughts. So about a year ago, I created some content…made the necessary adjustments and launched my site (read announced to social media that I existed). I had (and still do) have an array of ideas and topics of what I would like to cover. But, there were some things I did not take into consideration when launching my blog…and I wish I had. So, to help you avoid the curves I had to navigate, I would like to share some things to think of when you get off track and how to regain your focus. Continue reading “Get Back on Track”

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Tackling Meal Planning

One of the most challenging parts of my day-to-day is figuring out what to eat. This is further complicated by having to figure out what to feed the other people in the household.  I know fast food every day is not good for anyone and home cooking is the best.  I mean who doesn’t love a home cooked meal. You know what’s in it, it’s hopefully made with love, and it doesn’t give the “Blah” feeling afterwards. Home cooked is the goal….but a small thing called reality creeps in. Continue reading “Tackling Meal Planning”

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10 Activities to Do With Your Mom Friends

When I had my first little one, I expected to go to birthday parties, meet other parents, and maybe schedule play dates ..(like they did on TV…Who knew it was a real life thing? I mean you have to SCHEDULE time for your children to play with other children? Aren’t children automatically built to play? And if they are at daycare, don’t they play together all day anyway?…Anywho, back to the topic..).  I had no idea that this is how parents socialize now that they have reproduced themselves. 

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You NEED a Planner!

Before I start, I should give you a heads up. I like to start most conversations with, “So..”. mostly because I believe that life is one continuous conversation, so when we speak again we just pick up where we left off…like old friends..

now, back to business….

So, I have always loved a planner. Specifically one where you can see a month at a glance. These are the best because life is not just a week. I find that most instances are month by month and it’s uber helpful to view it as such.

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Perfect…maybe not.

I set out to start this blog to chronicle my “journey to find balance”.  In my imbalance, I began to get preoccupied with font sizes, themes, color schemes, which photos to use (or not)..blah blah blah.  There was just SOOOOO much to learn and understand. I was under the impression, you sign up, plug in, then off you go! Um, not so much.